Annie Banks

Annie Banks has been in the field of bodywork for more than a decade. First trained as a Yoga Instructor in 2003, then as a Personal Trainer in 2006. Studying and practicing corrective exercise kinesiology as well as strength and conditioning, has influenced and informed her work as a massage therapist.

Credentials and trainings include:

Asheville Yoga Center TT 230 hrs, 2003
NASM CPT, 2006
C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology)
Exercise Coach 2008,
Practitioner Level 1 & 2, 2010, 2011.
RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification) 2012
CNS (Center for Neurosomatic Studies),
Somatic ALP, 2013
Carolina School of Massage, 2016
CNS, Posturology 2016

What is Posturology?

Posturology is defined as “the science of human balance in every physiologic condition.” It is the study of human posture, its optimal alignment and the effects of postural distortion. Our modern human environment, which often consists of many hours of sitting and sub optimal physical conditions, leads to imbalances along the postural chain. Injuries, surgeries, trauma, pregnancy, and repetitive movements also contribute to distortions in human posture.


It is the mission of Align Bodywork to offer a service that addresses the underlying postural causes of pain and dysfunction. And ultimately, through alignment, to help you find your best quality of life!


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