Healing Emotional Eating

This one of a kind workshop will combine the 2 week Intermittent Fasting protocol I created and tested, with weekly exercises designed to take you deeper than diet.
This time, we will be supporting that change, with the shift in mentality necessary for lasting results.
Week 3 and 4, you will continue with a food plan that you create for yourself, or with guidance as needed. And we will dive deeper into the waters of your sub and unconscious mind, to explore the hidden factors influencing your behaviors.
✔️You will learn to use your emotions as a compass, rather than numbing, avoiding, or inflating them.
✔️You will learn to navigate your relationship with food and eating, and your perception of your body, with tools that will carry over into every aspect of your life.
Are you ready for a new physical experience? ✔️
If reading this makes you excited, or terrified, this might be right for you. ✔️
Registration ends March 17th, and because this is a test group I will limit the number of participants I take. Because this is a test group the price is set lower than it will be for future groups!
Also, I want people who are really ready. REALLY ready, to do the work. To show up for themselves everyday for 30 days. All in.
Are you ready ? 🙋🙋 ✔️

For questions or to register now email alignwithannie123@gmail.com

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