As You Walk Your Road, May You..

find peace with your body and purpose with your life

As You Walk Your Road, May You..

find peace with your body and purpose with your life


Annie Banks, Holistic Coach

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I help empower people to live their life in alignment with their core self. Using a variety of methods, I specialize in the following:

  • Navigating Transitions
  • Resolving Inner Conflict
  • Creativity Coaching
  • Alcohol Freedom
  • Body Peace
  • Spiritual Integration

"There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine."

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private one-on-one coaching

Why work with a Coach? There are a lot of reasons why people hire Life Coaches at various times in life. In short, a Coach is someone who helps you get from where you are, to where you want to be. A Coach is someone who supports, teaches, inspires and at times challenges you. Hiring a Coach ensures that you will dedicate the time to YOURSELF to do the nessecary work. 

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My Approach to Holistic Coaching

The Six Vitals are key components for living a resilient and vibrant life:


This includes formal exercise and all movement we make with our bodies throughout the day. It includes posture, how much we sit, the type of exercise we engage in, and its influence on our physiology. Are your movement habits supporting your overall well being?


Breath, water, sunlight, food, music. All of these are forms of nourishment. Fuel = Energy. And it is so much more than just the calories you consume. Are you getting the nourishment you need to flourish?


Introvert or extrovert, we all need human relationships. We wouldn’t be born without them! Our relationships and community are essential for our growth, wellbeing, and yes, our very existence. The social piece includes all relationships, from deep family connections to broad community awareness. What if all relationships start with our relationship to our self?


Creativity is so much more than painting or playing music! It is the energy that creates. Not only do we all have access to creativity, we all have a need for it. How would your life be enhanced if you were open to your full creative potential?


Mind-body, body-mind. I believe in the philosophy that the body and mind, are in fact, one Soma. Our emotional spectrum is the bridge between them. What if we have to work through both ways to experience true Health? This is the essence of a Somatic modality!


We cannot measure, quantify, or qualify, this area of the human experience. We give names and stories to the Mystery. Scientists and theologians alike, recognize there is an end to our knowing. And beyond that is that which is unknown. Call it Nature, God, Source, Higher Power, or at the very least, the Higher Self. Could learning how to awaken and integrate this aspect of yourself be the ultimate key to Thriving?