Each individual will receive a detailed analysis of posture and preliminary treatment in a 90 minute session. A minimum of 2-4 follow up sessions are recommended, and depending on the nature of issue. As needed, the client will receive an efficient and precise, corrective stretching and strengthening program to support the neurological changes that are needed to maintain the benefits of the manual release.

Also available are deep relaxation and general wellness support sessions, with a unique and skillful approach to Swedish massage. This service is available for clients who have already completed the minimum 3-part initial service, and wish to have on-going support.

Initial Evaluation: $150 Includes 90 minute treatment, and a one time ½ hour fee for the program design.
90 minute follow-up session: $115
60 minute follow-up session: $75

Strength Coaching:

This service is for individuals who have either completed the initial bodywork service, or who have participated in a workshop or class with Annie. Based on the goals and priorities of the person, a 4-week strength and conditioning program is designed to maximize your time in the gym (or wherever!) safely and effectively. One session in person or via skype to implement the program, and the rest are on your own, but supported by weekly email check-ins.

4 week program design: $99
8 week PD: $195
12 week PD: $275


Fat Loss and Metabolic Acceleration:

Experience a unique approach to Intermittent Fasting with a 10-day cycle designed to boost your metabolic rate and fat loss, using premium food based nutritional products and a simple eating plan. The products are made by Purium, the top shelf of the top shelf in quality when it comes to nutritional supplements.  A perfect compliment to the strength and conditioning programming, if healthy fat loss is your goal! And . . . Its ONLY TEN DAYS.

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Coming soon: Precision Nutrition online coaching.


Annie was my personal trainer for over 3 years.  She has a gentle, yet powerful, mind and was a valuable resource for me physically.  With her help and guidance, I became strong and confident and I learned to love my body and treat it well.  Since she left Charleston, I still reach out to her whenever I have a question about a potential workout and she is always quick to respond.   Annie is very passionate about strength training and is always on top of her game!

- Jenny Welch

Annie really took time to check out my individual body make-up and what I needed most.  Also tried to find out the underlying condition that was causing my uncomfortable feeling.   I really appreciate that! We discovered that the numbness in my hand was not carpal tunnel, but coming from hypertonic scalenes in my neck.

- Greg Gurley