THe Well

By Annie Banks

Ever since I first felt the stir in my soul of what I can only now say, was the Holy Spirit, I wanted more. Call it magic, call it holy ghost, call it bliss, call it rapture… There’s nothing like it. It is the well of the Soul that lies in the heart of every human. 

I felt it first, at the age of 15…

and remember clearly praying for the first time. I was outside, by the pond in the back of my childhood home. And in simple words asked God to come into my life. Of course, she was already in my life, but consciously inviting the Divine, intentionally reaching out and up … is the first step over the threshold of a spiritual life. 

Since then, almost 25 years have passed. And many of those years were spent trying to find that feeling again. My belief, in a Higher Power … a Higher force of Good, never wavered… but my sensory connection to it did. The spiritual well of my Soul felt empty and without purpose for long periods of time. That part of me lay mostly dormant until…

3 years ago, I experienced the second great awakening in my spiritual life. 

And in the last 3 years, I have learned to integrate my spirituality into my everyday life. I have learned how to keep the well primed, and how to clear the debris that would clog it up if left  unattended. 

And now, I work to help others tend to the well of their Soul. I’ve called it many things, personal training, health coaching, yoga teaching… and at the end of the day, this has always been the end goal. Even if the conversation, never “went there” the words unspoken always did. 

 Regardless of background, belief system, religion or lack thereof, the Soul wants what it wants. And our ability to listen, feel, and take courageous action from a place of alignment with our Soul, is perhaps the singular most important component of a meaningful life. 

What does your Soul desire today? Perhaps simply the acknowledgement and invitation is all it takes…

- Insights -

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